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3 Patti, also called the Indian Poker, is easier to play now as Tubb offers it in your most private space -- your mobile phone. Your gaming area, however, is boundless. Involve anyone you like – from family and friends to millions of Indian Poker lovers across the globe. TubbTeen Patti gaming app’s brilliant design interface engages you with its realistic dealer and tables. Come to your table anytime to find your daily bonus chips. Use your 3patti skills to win more chips using this daily bonus.

Hot Tubb Cool Features

It’s a no-limit 3 Patti Table

It’s light on your phone, so you can play it much faster & much smoothly

Zero wait time to join the tables

Wi-Fi Compatibility besides 2G & 3G

Invite & play Facebook and WhatsApp friends privately

Tubb gives you the best variations in the town

Take part in Weekly Competitions and Regular Tournaments to discover & compete with the best 3 Patti minds in the world

See what’s going on in your rival’s mind through in-game chat using emoticons, make buddies and socialize

You will love Indian Poker even more after meeting Dealer Dolly, the town’s best dealer